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Vernon BC has some of the loveliest beaches in Canada. Each year local residents and many tourists from all over the world enjoy beauty of the North Okanagan lakes.

Lakes Near Vernon: Kalamalka Lake Beaches | Okanagan Lake Beaches | Wood Lake Beaches

Beach Advocacy:

City of Vernon Council
District of Coldstream Council

Contact civic politicians and encourage them to:

1. Improve signage so guests to our city can find the public beaches. Most beaches are not signed well enough. Some local beach residents are resisting the placing of signs in order to keep the beaches isolated from fellow citizens.

2. Speed up development of the public access points on Okanagan Lake. Especially Delcliffe Beach and Foster Road Beach.

3. Add sand to Kal Beach to lessen the dust problem. Any evening in the summer you'll see the clouds of dust rising from the beach. It is a health hazard and unpleasant.

4. Add sand to Kin Beach to widen the lessen the slope of the beach.

5. Add a second parking lot crosswalk at the other end of Kal beach to spread out the parking and make access easier.

6. Add more parking near Pumphouse beach. There is little to no parking and some of the no-parking signs are unnecessary.

  • Beach Weddings
  • Beach Volleyball (Coming Soon)
  • Beach Related Recreation Day Trips:

    • Gardum Lake
    • Shushap River
    • Mable Lake
    • Sugar Lake
    • Mara Lake
    • Fintry Beach (Okanagan Lake)
    • Kopje Regional Park (Okanagan Lake)

    Send Us Info and Photos on Other Recreation Day Trips:

    Some Vernonites have had a bad habit of keeping information on good recreation spots secret. Be generous and let others know where good recreation can be had. Email us a description (include photos if possible) and we might add it to this site.

    Beach Behaviour 101:

    Here are some ways you can make the beach safe and enjoyable for everyone. Please:

    1. Alcohol, illegal drug and glass containers are not allowed.
    2. Pets are not allowed on most beaches.
    3. Loud music which can be heard by others is rude. Leave the boom-box at home.
    4. Have pride in our beaches. Don't litter. Cigarette butts, and other trash left on the beach is disrespectful to others and can harm wildlife.
    5. Have pride in our beaches. Pick up litter even if you didn't create it.
    6. Respect those who live near beaches by not parking illegally or being generally loud & obnoxious.

    Join Friends of Vernon Beaches

    Send us an email and we'll add you to our membership newsletter.

    Membership entitles you to email updates and invitation an invitation to to a yearly beach BBQ. Members will also be welcomed to share in some volunteer beach cleanups.

    “To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me.” - Isaac Newton


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