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Vernon BC Area Beaches - Juniper Bay Beach

A 80 metre stretch of beach at the Jade Bay Provincial Park. Has natural yellow sand with some round rock in the water. Between this beach and Juniper Bay Beach, is a watered lawn with lots of marmots (friendly hedgehog like creatures). There are lots of picnic tables and therefore this is a great beach for a picnic and swim. The walk down to the beach is paved so wheelchair access is possible to the picnic area however the grade is fairly steep so use your judgement or bring a strong friend to push you back up.

Jade Bay beach is mostly for swimming and those who like to waterski use Juniper Bay beach.

Distance from Downtown Vernon BC:
Roughly ? kms.

Drinking water (in the Spring there are sometimes signs saying it is undrinkable) and pit toilets.

Good parking for $3/day. Lock up your valuables from thieves. No bus.

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