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Vernon BC Beaches - Sovereign Beach

Vernon BC Beaches

Greater Vernon Services is upgrading this beach that, until now, was only known to locals. Just a short walk of Ormsby Drive (off Kidston Rd. just south of Kidston Elementary School). There is parking near Kidston Rd. but the walk is a little longer. The path down to the beach is on the south end of the property and while gravel, the slope is managable, with a little help, by wheelchair. There is a sloping path that switchbacks down to a large flat beach area. There is a 20 metre area that has a gravel beach which slopes nicely into the water. The water is clearer than at the north end of the lake (ie Kal Beach). The south end of the beach is clearly marked, however, it is unclear where the north end of the beach is.

Distance from Downtown Vernon BC:
Roughly 4 kms.

Washrooms, change area, outdoor showers.

Street Parking and there appears to be lots of places to park down the drive towards the Sovereign House, however don't block the drive way since a caretaker lives in the house. There is a little parking off Ormsbey and more off Kidston.

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